Miel de Mariola

The information contained in this website is thanks to the important information that has been received during the VI Congreso Mesoamericano  Sobre Abejas Nativas (Native Bees) held in October 2009 in City of Antigua, Guatemala, the IX Central American and Caribbean Integration and Updated Beekeeping  in Guanacaste , Liberia, Costa Rica in May 2012 and the VII Congreso Mesoamericano de Abejas Nativas ( Natives Bees )  held in the city of Heredia, Costa Rica in August 2013.

It is important the information provided in field visits and joint work with Mr. Benjamin Bermudez Cambronero. Who is considered one of the persons with most knowledge   in Meliponiculture skills and work with Tetragonisca angustula in Costa Rica. Also all the contributions given by the students of the Master Degree Program of Tropical Beekeeping at UNA ( National University of Costa Rica ) and administrative personal  of this prestigious institution.

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