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View of the interior of the MARIOLA hive where we observe at the center involucre containing brood combs and around the storage bags or pots for honey and polen. Mariolas cover the entire breeding coating with an involucre(sheet or membrane) made of wax which is a mixture of propolis and wax. Colony is closed with bitumen being a mixture of sticky propolis mixed with clay also known geopropóleos.




40 ML

$ 12

Miel de Mariola

10 ML

$ 7

Eye Drops

20 ML

$ 8


40 GR

$ 6

Polen ( Pan de Miel)

* For the the price in the USA  and other a surcharge of 30 % &  service charge . Does not include mailing. 




10 ML

$ 11


40 ML

$ 15


60 ML

$ 25


115 ML

$ 35

Jar Propolis

20 ML

$ 12




The Mariolas bees propolis is obtained from bud and yolks of trees and then processed in the hive, making it a potent antibiotic with which line the walls of the nest, to fight bacteria, viruses and fungi that may affect it. The term comes from Greek Propolis meaning " defender of the city " ( Pro - before Polis - city). Its properties are: antibiotic, antiviral, antitumor, healing, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antiallergic, anesthetic and immune stimulants . It has been used to treat colds, respiratory tract, common cold, flu, sinusitis, otitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, chronic pneumonia and pulmonary tuberculosis.

Propolis is rich in bioflavonoids and essential oils contain trace elements, vitamins, amino acids and minerals. Unprocessed propolis contain 500 times more bioflavonoids than oranges, which are now considered beneficial to recover convalescence. However, scientific studies worldwide have shown that the effect of propolis is achieved through the synergistic action of all its components. Due to its composition and properties often recommended for recurrent respiratory conditions or any situation in which the body's defenses are low.

In addition to its broad antibacterial effect, propolis stimulates the immune reaction of the body, complementing both functions without disruption of bacterial flora, which occurs with synthetic antibiotics.  Another virtue of propolis is its ability to be transported either through   the blood and lymphatic system throughout the body.

Fundamentally it is a magnificent bio regulator, remaking defense capability, performance and adaptation of the organism. Trace elements justify many virtues of propolis , some of the  them: participating in metabolism , vitamin fermentation processes and contribute to the healing of anemia , prevent arteriosclerosis and increase the immune capacity of the body.
Thanks to the antibiotic action of propolis , which protects the activity of viruses and bacteria , the hive is one of the most sterile environment known in nature.

Also is consumed mixed with MIEL DE  MARIOLA and is known as PropoMiel


Pollen contains all the essential elements for life. No one equals in the range of amino acids and provides five vitamins and  ten minerals . It is stimulating, generates well-being and euphoria, functional rebalancing and acts naturally and harmoniously. It promotes protein synthesis, regulates liver function, stimulates appetite, helps combat fatigue, prostatism, impotence and sexual asthenia.
The amount of proteins containing the pollen outperforms seeds and grains of cereal crops. The same applies to the amino acid content. The pollen content exceeds beef in isoleucine, leucine and methionine, fenilalaina and tryptophan. The amino acids are superior than in cheese. If there were other foods with amino acids, a dose of 15 gr. pollen could cover the daily needs of the human organism. No animal or vegetable food has so many vitamins such as pollen.


Pollen content

- Thiamine (vitamin B1)
- Riboflavin ( Vitamin B2 )
- Pyridoxine (vitamin B6)
- Nicotinic acid (vitamin B3 or PP )
- Pantothenic acid
- Vitamin C

Also : Vitamin A, B12 , D , E, H , K , P, choline, folic acid, essential amino acids, minerals.

The pharmacological properties of PAN DE MIEL or Bread Honey

The Mariola bee adds an enzyme  when digested pollen and makes PAN DE MIEL or Bread Honey , which is the pasty pollen stored in  pots. PAN DE MIEL is a natural product with more concentrated pollen properties:

- Is  three times more nutritious than pollen grains.
- Exceeds 9 times any substitute.
- Has triple antibiotic properties of pollen grains

Besides having biological qualities of pollen rises immunological properties, improves the adaptability of the organism, helps reduce fatigue and plays an important role in the dietary foods.  The presence of large amount of lactic acid contributes to the preservation of the product in good conditions, due to the antimicrobial properties. It is rich in B vitamins, essential amino acids and fatty acids.

PAN DE MIEL contains fructose, glucose, galactose , sucrose, maltose , raffinose, inosine , amongst others. PAN DE MIEL is used in the treatment of colitis , chronic constipation , diarrhea, hepatitis , nervous diseases and anemia, and other disorders for which pollen is indicated .

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